Samsung® 2400W Audio Giga System

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110 weeks
Total Cost: $3298.90Cash Price: $1814.40

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Delivering a staggering 2,400 watts of audio intensity, This Sound System takes your party to the next level. DJ Beat Effects allow you to add sound effects like vinyl scratching to your music, while Beat Lighting Effects bring your music to life with patterned LED light displays. With your Bluetooth-enabled device, you can power on your Giga Sound System remotely and use it as a speaker for your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Download the Bluetooth Giga app and you can control the Giga Sound System's settings remotely. And with the built-in CD player and USB or AUX connectivity, you always have an option for playing your music.

Additional Details & Specs
  • 2400W
  • 2.2 CH
  • Wired 15" Subwoofer
  • Bluetooth
  • Remote Control

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