How to Shop for a New Refrigerator

How to Shop for a New Refrigerator
May 18, 2017 | Tips and Advice

Choosing a new refrigerator can be a tough task. You must ask yourself the color, size, and type of refrigerator you want. At easyhome, we can help make your decision easier!

It’s important to first measure the refrigerator space in your kitchen to find the right size. You don’t want to buy a refrigerator that’s too big and doesn’t properly fit. If your kitchen has a specific place cut out for your refrigerator, remember to leave a little extra room in your measurements so that you can easily fit your new refrigerator.

At easyhome, we have a great selection of Maytag®, Whirlpool®, and Amana® refrigerators. Whether you’re looking for black, stainless steel, or a white refrigerator, we’ve got you covered. Choosing the right refrigerator color depends on your other appliances. You can choose the color that matches your range, microwave, and dishwasher, or choose to start switching over your appliances to a new color.

You must also decide if you prefer a french door refrigerator, top freezer refrigerator, bottom freezer refrigerator, or side by side refrigerator. French door refrigerators are great for fitting larger items like party platters and sheet cakes. Top freezer refrigerators can often have more space than other units, while bottom freezer refrigerators tend to have a drawer system for the freezer for better storage and organization. Side by side refrigerators can be best for smaller spaces, because the doors are not as wide and take up less room when opened.

We have a great selection of various refrigerator types, including refrigerators with an exterior water and ice dispenser. Visit an easyhome store near you to see our refrigerator selection in person or view our current selection here.

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