Arctic King Air Conditioner Review

Arctic King Air Conditioner Review
June 14, 2017 | Appliances

As the hot summer weather arrives, we know it’s important for you to stay cool. That is why we offer a variety of Arctic King window air conditioner units for your space. If you are looking to cool an apartment or a certain part of your home, an Arctic King air conditioner could be the answer for you.

Arctic King window air conditioners are quiet, clean, and reliable. You won’t have to worry that the noise will distract you or go out at an inconvenient time. They also include a remote control with “Follow Me” features. A temperature sensor is built into the remote which helps provide the most accurate thermostat reading.

Arctic King air conditioners are also extremely easy to clean. They feature a removable front panel as well as a fresh air switch to draw in air from outside while expelling stale inside air. Additionally, the Arctic King window air conditioners have a timer option and airflow adjustment for even air distribution throughout your space.

The Arctic King window air conditioners are extremely easy to install and use. Setup is simple and the controls are user-friendly. See our selection here or visit an easyhome store near you.

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